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8 Week Aerobic Conditioning Program 

This program is designed to work perfectly in alignment for off-season training. Phase 1 focuses on longer efforts which then builds into shorter harder sessions in phase 2. For more detail read below.. 


The first phase aims to build your capacity to run for longer periods of time and builds time on feet through some longer intervals and fartlek runs. This has 3 runs/week and should be completed on a schedule such as Tues, Thurs and Sat or Mon, Wed, Fri. This would be an ideal phase to implement in the lead up to pre-season.


Phase 2 has 2 run sessions a week as it is designed to be used in conjunction with Sport-specific training and/or conditioning. Thus it can be completed on whatever 2 nights of the week you wish

At $30 for 8 weeks, it's the equivalent investment of a small coffee a week! 

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