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Assault Bike Conditioning Program

This is a 9-week program that aims to develop your aerobic capacity, repeated sprint ability, and power output on the assault bike. The testing protocol has three tests which are to be completed on three separate days with at least a day rest between.

The three tests are:

1) 10min Max Cals tests - you simply need to record the total Calories you achieve and average RPM;

2) Repeated Sprint ability test - 3 x 30sec Max Effort (ME) sprints with 30sec recovery - you need to record Cals for each 30sec sprint;

3) 3 x 10sec ME sprints with 2mins recovery - you will need to record total calories and watts for each effort.

This program is broken up into 3 Phases which are 3 weeks in length each.

Phase 1 is weeks 1-3, phase 2 is weeks 4-6 and phase 3 is weeks 6-9.

Phase 1 has 2 long interval aerobic sessions/week with one repeat effort session.

Phase 2 has 1 long interval aerobic session, 1 repeated sprint effort session, and 1 power session

Phase 3 has 2 high power output sessions and 1 repeated effort session.

Follow the link below to download the first 2 Phases of the Program:

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