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Grey Wolf Endurance

Conditioning can be a tricky thing to get right when we are trying to combine that with strength and power training. We need objective measures and an objective desired outcome to work towards so that we can develop a plan using the minimum effective dose. This means that we can progress as necessary while still moving forward with the other aspects of training in due course.

This week I developed an Aerobic Conditioning Program called Grey Wolf Endurance. And now I am making this available to everyone, for free!

The spreadsheet is easy to use for coaches and athletes alike. Simply complete a 1500 or 2000m run time trial an add in your times in the designated columns.

Move over to the program tab, select your name from the drop-down box and everything is calculated for you from Week 1 Day 1 to Week 8 Day 2.

The first phase aims to build your capacity to run for longer periods of time and builds time on feet through some longer intervals and fartlek runs. This has 3 runs/week and should be completed on a schedule such as Tues, Thurs and Sat or Mon, Wed, Fri. This would be an ideal phase to implement in the lead up to pre-season.

Phase 2 has 2 run sessions a week as it is designed to be used in conjunction with Sport-specific training and/or conditioning. Thus it can be completed on whatever 2 nights of the week you wish.

Have a look, enjoy it and if you have any questions let me know!

Aerobic Conditioning Spreadsheet
Download XLSX • 106KB

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